Capacity Building and Support – Haklara Destek

Capacity Building and Support

Besides the institutional grant support, the Haklara Destek programme also offers capacity building support to beneficiary civil society organizations for the entire duration of the grant program (12 months).

Koç University Social Impact Forum prepared a needs analysis tool for the programme, which was introduced to the beneficiary institutions with the facilitation of the mentors who offer one-on-one support  to the participant institutions. This tool guides the institutions while deciding which support tool to use for which topic and to what extent. Thus, organisations chose their targeted areas for institutional development from among the 12 options listed below.

1.Planning and conducting advocacy and lobbying activities
2.Having a rights-based approach
3. Ability to reach the target audience
4. Financial Management
5. Financial sustainability
6. Project design and implementation
7.  Increasing the visibility of the CSO
8. Cooperation with CSOs and the decision-making bodies
9. Strategic planning for the CSO
10. Planning and managing human resources
11. Management of the CSO
12. Monitoring and Evaluation of the CSO’s impact