Social Policies, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation Studies Association – Haklara Destek

Social Policies, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation Studies Association

Since 2011, SPoD has been working on LGBTI+ rights, political participation, legal counselling, psychosocial support, and academic research.

Dreaming of a fair, equal and free world under the rainbow, SPoD envisions social policies that will allow people in Turkey not to feel under pressure due to their identity and behaviour as far as their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression are concerned. In addition to its advocacy activities, SpoD aims to develop exemplary service models for LGBTI+ individuals in order to set an example for public institutions with the long-term goals of eliminating all forms of discrimination in these areas and collaborating with public carriers to offer special services to LGBTI+ individuals.

SPoD’s employees and volunteers provide legal counselling and psychosocial support to LGBTI+ individuals. The association trains key professional groups such as mental health professionals, social workers and lawyers on working with LGBTI+s, thus creating expert networks. Through its Hotline that is open on every weekday, SPoD further provides support to LGBTI+s on issues related to coming out, relationship problems, peer bullying, discrimination and violence based on gender identity and sexual orientation, gender transitioning, military service, social service institutions, HIV and STDs. SPoD is willing to cooperate and to share experiences in the context of activities targeting LGBTI+s.