Rosa Women’s Association – Haklara Destek

Rosa Women’s Association

Established in Diyarbakır at the end of 2018, the Rosa Women’s Association is engaged in combating all kinds of social, political, social, cultural, economic, sexual and psychological violence against women and eliminating of all kinds of discrimination against women. In this vein, it develops and implements projects promoting gender equality and works to strengthen civil society and women’s organisations, to protect nature and natural life, to develop an ecological form of life and to foster and establish a culture of democracy and peace.

Our rights-based areas of work include: lobbying activities targeting relevant institutions and organizations in order to achieve the implementation of positive discrimination in laws and practices related to women issues, especially legal regulations that directly affect women; exerting civil pressure and conducting advocacy towards the implementation of regulations that will prevent laws and practices causing women to become subject to victimization and/or violation; working for women’s rights.