Migration Monitoring Association – Haklara Destek

Migration Monitoring Association

The Migration Monitoring Association (Göç-İz) was founded in 2016 in Istanbul with the purpose of fostering active and effective solidarity people subjected to experiences of migration in general and forced migration in particular and amplifying forced migration victims’ demands for a life in accordance with human dignity.

In line with this goal, Göç-İz aims to support internally displaced persons in their search for justice, to make the basic rights violations caused by forcible displacement more visible in the public, to raise awareness regarding the social, economic, and psychological problems experienced by citizens during resettlement processes, and to contribute to the recognition and reparation of the injuries sustained by persons who have been subjected to grave human rights violations. In this context, the association’s main focus is to support persons forcibly displaced between 1984 and 2016 in accessing their fundamental rights and to foster social solidarity.