Human Rights Association Van Branch – Haklara Destek

Human Rights Association Van Branch

The Van Branch of the 1986-founded Human Rights Association was established on 13 October 1999. The association actively engages in the struggle against all kinds of discrimination on grounds of race, ethnic origin, language, religion and sect, religious or other beliefs, colour, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, political and philosophical view, disability etc. In the same vein, the association is devoted to combatting hate speech and hate crimes.

Defending the right to peace, the right to a fair trial and defence, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, the right to resist tyranny and oppression, the right to mother tongue education and training and to public service in the mother tongue, HRA is against the death penalty, torture, war and militarism, regardless of place or circumstance.

Essentially everyone subjected to human rights related violations can apply for support.

It is open to all kinds of cooperation and experience sharing with other civil society organizations along the lines of human rights and their respective violations, particularly in the context of frequently recurring issues like (all kinds of) violence against women, rights violations at the borders, children’s rights and refugee rights.