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Freedom of Expression Association

The Freedom of Expression Association (İFÖD) pursues a human rights-based, transparent, accountable, non-discriminatory and participatory approach in its work. In this regard, İFÖD carries out activities to inform right holders about the current situation, regulations and violations in the field of freedom of expression and to support them in applying to the competent authorities in cases where their rights are violated. On the other hand, the association aims to influence and empower decision-makers and officials in line with the development and protection of these rights.

İFÖD is open to cooperation and/or experience sharing in the context of its work in the fields of internet freedom and freedom of expression. Journalists, academics, opponents, human rights activists and defenders, and other individuals who are accused under freedom of expression-related charges or more generally investigated or prosecuted against due to any political expressions in Turkey can apply to the association for support.