Clean Clothes Campaign Turkey – Haklara Destek

Clean Clothes Campaign Turkey

The main purpose of the Clean Clothes Campaign is to improve the working and living conditions of textile workers. In this context, the association’s goal is for textile workers to be able to work under conditions that do not cause the easily preventable occupational diseases and accidents, while receiving a salary that allows them to sustain themselves without exceeding normal working hours. CCC conducts its activities in line with these goals.

CCC is open to cooperation with other civil society organisations on issues like textile workers’ rights, child labour, ecology, unregistered employment, living wage and occupational diseases, and willing to share experiences in campaigning, lobbying, and international networking.

In addition, people who are suffering from occupational diseases or want to consult on this issue, or textile workers who are not being paid their wages and compensation at work and work in bad conditions can apply to the association for support.