Frequently Asked Questions – Haklara Destek

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms of Application

Where can I achieve the right-based approach of the programme?

You can find the rights-based approach policy on the Programme’s website. According to the United Nations, a human rights-based approach (HRBA) is a conceptual framework for the process of human development that is normatively based on international human rights standards and operationally directed to promoting and protecting human rights. It seeks to analyse inequalities, which lie at the heart of development problems and redress discriminatory practices and unjust distributions of power that impede development progress. Over the long term, in a manner that includes vulnerable and excluded groups through anti-discrimination work to include the gravest rights violations, it aims to define and increase the responsibilities of persons and institutions in the fields of human rights, animal rights and environmental rights, the reinforcement of the framework to claim rights, and the participation of rights holders in the process.

How can I ask my questions regarding my application?

You can find all the details of the application process in the application guideline and on the programme’s website. You can send questions that you cannot find in Frequently Asked Questions to New questions and answers from the candidates will be published collectively on the Programme website on the second day of the following week without specifying the person/CSO asking the question. The latest date to ask a question to Haklara Destek Programme is October 25th, 2019, 17:00 local

time. All questions will be answered no later than November 1st, 2019.

If you encounter any technical problems when using the application system, please send an e-mail to Technical support will be provided until November 8th, 2019.

Can a research centre of a university apply?

No, they can’t apply.

Applicants for Haklara Destek Programme can be associations, foundations or a non-profit cooperative.

Should the institution need to be actively working on the 4 priority areas specified in the application form?

The 4 priority areas aren’t a must. Thus, the CSOs working on these 4 priority areas will have an advantage in the application process.

Can I individually apply for an institution where I am member or a volunteer? 

Individual applications will not be accepted.

Can different branches of CSOs located in different cities apply?

Yes, they could apply. Branches with independent legal entities can apply to the Programme separately. The number of applications are not limited. However, in such cases, the following limitations will be applied:

  • Only 2 grants per branch can be awarded for CSOs that have up to 20 branches;
  • Only 3 grants per branch can be awarded for CSOs that have more than 20 branches.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of grant that a CSO could request?

Minimum and maximum amount of grants that can be applied for in both groups are €20,000 and €50,000. Any grant requested under this call for proposals (for both groups) may not exceed a maximum of 90% of the total expected sources of funding for the grant period.

Could a CSO that was active before 2018 but closed due to force majeure and recently reopened apply the granting program?

These CSOs should send an e-mail to, and should explain their special condition. The project team will consider the CSO’s request and send an e-mail to convey the decision.

I am a non-profit cooperative, should I offer additional documents in order to prove its status?

Non-profit cooperatives should submit their Charter with other supporting documents at the application stage, where a provision prohibits the distribution of profit to shareholders. In the absence of this provision, the cooperative will have to prove that the profit is not distributed to shareholders through a financial audit report covering the last three years. In addition, the Board of Directors must have taken an irrevocable decision stating that profit will not be distributed to shareholders in the following years.

Could a CSO organize activities abroad with this grant?

It is expected for the applicant CSO to conduct its activities mostly in Turkey. However, travel costs for network meetings will be accepted.

Last year, we received another grant from the EU. Is this an obstacle for the application?

It is not an obstacle. However, if an applicant is receiving a grant from another funder, the offered budget support for Haklara Destek should be different. Double funding of the same project will not be accepted and will be an obstacle for receiving the grant.

Application system

What is the BELLEK Grant Management System?

The BELLEK Grant Management System is an online platform where both the application and implementation process will be conducted. Nowadays many international funding institutions conduct their work through online application systems. Online systems are preferred to avoid the waste of paper, but also to offer detailed and fast data collection opportunities. The applicants will sign in through website, will set a profile and by following instructions embedded in the website will finalize the application.

I am having trouble with my Internet connection. I am afraid to lose data while filling the form. What can I do to prevent this?

The application system records your application periodically. However, it is recommended to have a stable internet connection for the application. You should press the “SAVE” button periodically. If you don’t have a stable internet connection and you are encountering online problems that you cannot solve, you can send an e-mail to until 30.09.2019 to ask for approval to send printed application. Printed applications without approval will not be accepted.

What is the difference between a communication person and authorized person?

The authorized person is the one who has the signing authority, and who will follow the verifications. The communication person will represent the CSO and follow the whole process.

Could the “signing authority” and “communication person” be same?

Yes, but this person should hold signing authority for the CSO.

Can I stop filling the application form and continue later?

You can save the application form and sign out from the system and continue to fill it later on.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you forgot your password, you can click the “I FORGOT MY PASSWORD” button and refresh your password.

Is there an open space in the system where I can upload additional documents that could strengthen my application?

Only the Annex A-Application Form, Annex B- Budget Form, Annex G- Declaration of Honour and uploaded supporting documents will be evaluated. It is therefore of utmost importance that these documents contain ALL the relevant information concerning the action.

No additional annexes should be sent.

Application Documents

Do I need to present any document for potential partners?

You don’t have to present any additional documents for potential partners, but you can reference them in the application form.

Are impact evaluation and financial audit items cited in the budget form compulsory items?

No, they are not compulsory. They are cited as some examples of budget items that could be fulfilled.

Can I include rental car and gas expenses in the budget?

Car rental and gas expenses are ineligible costs.

Can I include ongoing human resources expenses in the budget?

Yes, human resources can be included and should be presented under the “human resources” title.

What do per diem items include?

Per diem items include accommodations, lunch and dinner costs and inner-city travel expenses.

If additional documents that should be obtained from external institutions do not reach to deadline, will an extension be given to upload them?

The application form will not be completed if the additional documents cited under section 2.2.1 of the application guideline are not uploaded to the system. We recommend all applicants collect these documents before the deadline. It is also important to note these documents should be scanned properly and then uploaded.

How should the “expected income” and “budget form” under Annexes- B be filled?

It is compulsory to fill the two forms to have a complete application. Missing and false information/data could cause the elimination of the application. The first sheet of Annex- B is an informative page to facilitate the completion of the budget form. There is also a video on the website that provides tips and rules for completing the forms.

A summary of cautionary points for applicants is below:

In the “budget table” sheet, you need to add only the eligible costs you request from the Haklara Destek Programme. In the “expected income” sheet you need to add other expected sources of income in addition to the grant requested from the Haklara Destek Programme. The expected income table is an estimated budget and could be fulfilled based on the previous year’s incomes. The amount that will be stated on line B6 of the expected income table should be the same as the total amount requested from the Haklara Destek Programme in the budget table.

Any grant requested may not exceed a maximum of 90% of the total of the expected sources of funding.

What does the following rule cited in the guideline mean: “Any grant requested under this call for proposals (for both groups) may not exceed a maximum of 90% of the total of the expected sources of funding.”

As aforementioned, applicants should complete two sheets within Annexes- B: Budget Form: 1) Budget Table 2) Expected Sources of Income. Within the budget table, applicant need to add only the eligible costs requested from the Haklara Destek Programme and the minimum request amount should be 20,000 Euros while the maximum amount is 50,000 Euros. Within the expected income table, the applicant should list in detail all the expected income sources for the grant period.

The statement, “Any grant requested under this call for proposals (for both groups) may not exceed a maximum of 90% of the total of the expected sources of funding” points out to the ratio among the numbers that will be stated in these two sheets. The amount requested from the Haklara Destek Programme (the total amount of the budget table) may not exceed a maximum of 90% of the amount cited in the expected incomes table.

For example: if an applicant asks for 20,000 Euros, the CSO should at least have 2,300 Euros in addition to the amount requested from the Haklara Destek Programme. So, the amount in the expected incomes table must be a minimum of 22,300.

Can 10% of the expected sources cited be in-kind contributions?

In-kind contributions/donations cannot be cited.

Is the rule for equipment (purchase or rental) and cost of supplies (The requested amount cannot be more than 30% of the total requested budget valid for other items?)

There isn’t a limitation for other costs.

Can “part time” staff be included under the human resources section?

Costs for permanent staff (part or full time) should be cited under the human resources section.

Is there a format for the “Activity Report (full year, 2018)” requested among additional documents?

No there isn’t a format. It’s important the report should includes activities conducted in 2018.

If we complete our application and upload all necessary documents and we notice that something is wrong or missing, can we revise it?

Once the button “finish the application” is clicked, you can’t make any changes or revisions. So before completing the application you should review your application carefully and you need to be sure nothing is missing nor incomplete.

Please be certain you answered all the questions in the application form, the amount noted for the requested budget in the form should be the same with the amount cited in the budget form and also the amount cited in the expected sources sheet. Please read the “frequently asked question” section on the website. If you still have questions e-mail us ( before October 25th, 2019.

We are working with people living below the hunger threshold and we are providing food aid to them. Can we benefit from this support to cover the aid?

“Charity work and humanitarian aid” are listed among ineligible costs. You can’t cover related costs to these activities.

Could municipalities and different department of municipalities apply?

Unfortunately, no. Only applications from associations, foundations and non-profit cooperatives will be accepted.

Could federations that different CSOs established together apply?

The confirmation for this criterion will be proven with the legal status document of the organization. If the federation’s status is an association and its work is rights based, it can apply by choosing the “association” choice within the application form and by uploading the related legal status document to the system.

At this point we need to reiterate that if the federation is an umbrella organization and doesn’t conduct any action within this status, it will be hard to complete the application form. However, if the federation is working independently from the association under this umbrella organization, there is no obstacle for applying as described above.

Within the expected incomes section/table, can we cite estimated but not certain grants, donations, membership fees, potential partnerships, in-kind contributions, etc?

All the estimated income sources must be added within the expected incomes (Annexes-B) table. The expected incomes worksheet, as the name suggests, is an estimate table and could be filled based on the previous year’s incomes. So, you can add estimated but not certain grants, donations, membership fees, potential partnerships, in-kind contributions.

Can we include service purchase expenses and organizational costs of a training session planned during the grant period?

Training costs and related purchases, etc., are among the eligible costs.

Does the additional document “CVs of the two people who will work in this Programme during the grant period” need to be CVs of the staff that will be recruited during the grant period.

We are requesting the CVs of two people who will be responsible for carrying out this programme. These people could be already professionals in the organization or members of directorate board, etc.