progiletmudur – Haklara Destek

Our Grantees

The CSOs which will be supported by Haklara Destek programme are:

Sivil Düşün

Sivil Düşün aims at improving the environment for active citizenship and strengthening the organisational capacities, visibility, networking and communication skills of organised active citizens in Turkey. Support is provided within five different categories: events/meetings, mobility and networking, organisational needs, advocacy and campaigns, as well as communication.

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre aims at strengthening the competency, transparency, effectiveness, accountability and self-governance of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), contributing to the improvement of their working standards and environment. The project provides Help Desk Services, organisational development trainings, digital empowerment, as well as support for good governance and public-CSO cooperation.

Protect Defenders

The project provides emergency grants and capacity-building to Human Rights Defenders, as well as institutional grants for human rights organisations, promoting the development of effective advocacy strategies and networks of HRD.

Organised Journalists and Strong Solidarity for Press Freedom

The project aims at improving the environment for press freedom in Turkey by providing capacity-building for unemployed journalists and increasing advocacy and solidarity for media freedom. It provides editorial support, occupational trainings and advocacy campaigns, and offers working and networking space for journalists.

Media for Democracy; Democracy for Media

The project aims at empowering pluralistic media and free press in Turkey by providing journalists with platforms for exchange and an environment where they can continue their work and develop their capacities. It comprises four support mechanisms: Website Technical Support Mechanism, Facility for Strengthening Freelance Journalists, Young Journalists Support Mechanism and Press House Support Mechanism.


ETKINIZ aims at strengthening the role of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the promotion and protection of human rights in Turkey. The project provides in kind support, online resources, training programmes, mobility support to access international human rights mechanisms, as well as networking support for CSOs engaged in human rights monitoring and advocacy activities at various levels.

Empowering CSOs Grant Program

With this grant program, Hrant Dink Foundation provides financial support, as well as institutional and technical capacity-building to projects focusing on the strengthening of human rights and democracy, the protection of rights and liberties, and the promotion of conviviality among different ethnic, social and political groups in Turkey.


BIRLIKTE aims at strengthening the organisational capacities and skills of local Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to help them engage in effective pluralism and participatory democracy as active citizens’ organisations. The project provides financial support, institutional mentoring, communication and visibility support to CSOs.

Other financial supports funded by EU Delegation in Turkey